Sales Administrator Job Description

Process Sales Orders
Skills: Attention to detail, a good memory, ability to multi-task and multi-factor decision making. Product knowledge would be a plus but not required.

  • Check billing & shipping address in our sales order system. If no prior sales history, check if the person or company exists at the shipping address to verify legitimacy.
  • Determine appropriate shipping method and appropriate sales tax.
  • If a Purchase Order was issued, check the PO against the Sales Order to ensure we are following the customer’s instructions
  • For new customers and/or quotes, review the order for technical issues to ensure suitability of the items for the application.
  • If any items are out of stock, make sure that any extended delivery dates are communicated with the customer before the order is processed.
  • Order items that are out of stock and determine shipping method. Determine appropriate sales tax on drop shipped items
  • Packing Slips for non-domestic orders.
  • If an item sold is not in the inventory database, add that item to the inventory.
  • Check paperwork for customer and vendor returns
  • Maintain an accurate inventory by making sure that transactions do not go unrecorded or improperly recorded

Skills: Multi-factor decision making. Maintain good relationships with vendors. Occasional need for good negotiation skills.

  • Using a purchasing report, issue stocking PO’s for items regularly sold.
  • Ensure delivery dates have not slipped. If they have, notify the sales rep so they can notify the customer.
  • Specify shipping methods.

Skills: Attention to detail, multi-factor decision making.

  • Mark items as discontinued when they are no longer available
  • Add new items to the database by reviewing new price lists using our pricing tools.
  • Ensure physical inventory matches computed inventory. Check for proper recording and correct any discrepancies. Determine the cause of the error, correct and problem and record the change needed.

Sales Support
Skills: Attention to detail.

  • Copy new price lists to SharePoint and enter projector promotions to the sales order system.
  • Ensure the cost of items that are frequently quoted are up to date in the SharePoint sales order system including current promotions.

Program Administration
Skills: Attention to detail.

  • File sales commission reports with vendors.
  • File sales report with manufacturer.
  • File for price protection if cost of items in inventory drop.

Must be proficient with Word, PDF editor, QuickBooks & especially Excel

Familiarity with Video Projectors and other audio/video equipment would be a plus