AV Stumpfl FullWhite® Projection Screens

FullWhite® is a projection screen which shows purely the picture. No borders. No depth. Selected by the leading media designers and architects. Variable projection screen dimensions in custom formats combined with best frame stability and accuracy.

With its award-winning design, the FullWhite® screen system offers an innovative front projection surface. This unique modular design allows the user to build any screen size in any aspect ratio. The new FullWhite® screen also boasts multiple invisible mounting options for suspension, ground support, and permanent installation.

Fullwhite Projection Screens

Have you ever thought of an invisible projection screen? No borders. No depth. FullWhite® makes the picture float in space. This pure design product is very popular for flying screen applications but features numerous different mounting solutions. Multiple FullWhite® projection screens can also be connected to create projected walls or cubes. FullWhite® can be made to measure since it is a modular system consisting of a basic frame that can be sized to any format by adding or removing plug in elements. This principle has been successfully used on our Vario® type mobile projection screens for many decades.

Frame. The core of a FullWhite® projection screen is its uniquely shaped frame profile. One side of the profile is skewed to the rear side of the screen by 45 degrees which leads to FullWhite®’s features: A frame which is not visible even when seen slightly from the side. Multiple plug-in elements made of these high precision extruded aluminum profiles are connected using our proven clamp connector and define the basic structure of FullWhite®. Our unique combination of in house development, sophisticated special machinery and handpicked materials as well as quality control enables us to achieve the least tolerances and the longest part life times on the market.

Surface. The FullWhite® vinyl surfaces can be stretched easily and attached to the frame with especially developed hooks on the rear side of the projection screen frame. The surface has to be perfect mat, seamless and fit accurately to the projected image. Like all other AV Stumpfl projection screens FullWhite® ships with a variety of different surface types. We are proud that only our proprietary materials meet the global standards of the critical rental & staging industry.

Set Up. All FullWhite® projection screens are set up following the same scheme. No matter what size. Setting up a FullWhite® projection screen is simple and straight forward.


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