Barco V3

Precision Stacking Frame, R9802230
Item #0600-4107 Model #R9802230


Barco V3 (R9802230)

Adjustable Rigging and Precision Stacking Frame

This multifunctional frame makes it possible to stack multiple projectors, which can be useful for a dual projection 3D system. While in the frame, the projector can be rotated around the x, y and z axis in order to obtain a seamless adjustment.

The multifunctional frame can also be used to suspend the projector from a truss. This can be done either in an upright or upside down (vertical) position. 

Up to three F80 projectors can be stacked on top of each other on a flat surface. A maximum of two projectors can be suspended from a truss using the frame.

This rigging and stacking frame is exclusively designed for the Barco F80 projectors and cannot be used on any other equipment. (See Compatibility tab.)

Note: Single-point clamps, half coupler not included.


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