Barco DP2K-20C

3-DLP DCI Projector, 2K, 2048 x 1080, 18,500 Lumens, 220V
Part #: 0600-4829    Mfr #: R90044472

Barco DP2K-20C


The Barco Alchemy DP2K-20C is a compact and fully integrated digital cinema projector for theaters with screens up to 20m (65ft) wide, based on Texas Instruments' 0.98” DLP Cinema® chip. It ensures a first-class movie experience with consistent picture brightness, rich contrast and vibrant colors. By merging the projector and media server functionalities into one projector module, the DP2K-20C Barco Alchemy projector is a full-fledged, DCI-compliant projector and media-server solution with on-board storage. Reducing the required hardware, it increases simplicity and reliability. The smart projector even detects potential operational errors and warns users in case of mishaps. Great in TMS environments, it operates stand-alone in single-screen applications. Thanks to the embedded Barco Web Commander user interface, shows can be created and scheduled remotely.

Low cost of ownership
Geared with the integrated Barco Alchemy technology that drives operational and maintenance costs down, the DP2K-20C offers superior image processing, pristine images and ultimate reliability at a low TCO.

Easy maintenance and operation
The DP2K-20C comes with the intuitive ‘Barco Web Commander’ user interface for easy operation. It detects potential operational errors and warns users if, for instance, a scheduled show is missing assets or KDMs. It also has a modular architecture for simple serviceability and higher uptime.

The DP2K-20C projector is also available in a package with a third-party media server and it can be ordered without the Barco Alchemy module as well.

Unique benefits of Barco Alchemy technology

  • Combines media server functionalities with cinema processing electronics
  • Fewer boxes lead to more reliability and ease-of-use
  • Simple operation thanks to intuitive ‘Barco Web Commander’ user interface
  • Easy upgrading of Series 2 projectors with Barco Alchemy module


Ultra-bright, stunning images

  • High-contrast 3-chip DLP™ engine
  • 2K resolution (2048 x 1080)
  • 40,000 center lumens
  • Xenon illumination
  • ImagePRO technology inside (Athena scaler)
  • Dual-core warp engine

Built for the rental & staging industry

  • Fully sealed optics
  • Extended wireless control options
  • 3D ready
  • Preview mode on LCD display
  • Easy to set up, install, service and transport thanks to solid and modular design
  • Minimum image latency


Digital MicroMirror Device™: 3 x 0.98” DC2K dark metal devices
Native resolution: 2,048 x 1,080
Housing: Hermetically sealed DMDs and optical assembly
Lamp: 1.2kW - 4kW
Light output: 18,500 lumens
Screen size: Up to 20m / 65ft wide (screen gain 1.8 @ 14ftl)
Contrast ratio: 2,000:1
Prime lenses: 1.2 - 1.8, 1.4 - 2.05, 1.6 - 2.5, 1.95 - 3.2, 2.4 - 3.9
Control I/O:

  • 3x Ethernet
  • 8x GPIO (DB 25)
  • 3D interface
  • USB RS-232 interface (DB9)

Integrated Cinema Media Processor:

  • JPEG2000 2K & 4K DCI play-out
  • High Frame Rates 3D up to 120fps (60fps per eye)
  • JPEG 2000 bit-rates up to 625Mbps
  • Dual-channel color-correction
  • MPEG-2 (4:2:0 and 4:2:2 up to 60fps)
  • H.264**
  • 2x DisplayPort 1.1a
  • 2x 3G-SDI inputs*
  • 1x multimedia HDMI 1.4a input (BluRay 3D / 4K)*
  • 16x AES/EBU audio channels (2x RJ45)
  • 8x GPI, 8x GPO (4x RJ45)
  • 2x ETH for content connectivity & ingest
  • 2x front-accessible USB 3.0 for fast ingest
  • 2x front-accessible USB 2.0
  • * in testing
  • ** software roadmap

Integrated storage: 1.9TB effective storage (RAID-5), 3x 1TB Hot-swappable 2.5" hard-drives
Barco Web Commander:

  • Projector Dashboard
  • Projector Control Board
  • Show Player/Editor/Scheduler
  • Automation, 3D, Ingest
  • TMS integration
  • Smart Projector Status
  • Via HTML5 web-browsers including iOS & Android tablets.

Barco Communicator: Projector installation & configuration, Projector update & maintenance
Projector diagnostics: Via Integrated Media Server, via Communicator control software, via SNMP agent
Power requirements: 220V
Dimensions: 22.0(H) x 27.3(W) x 40.7(D) inch
Weight: 225lbs
Ambient temperature: 35°C / 95°F Max.

  • Barco CineMate App (iOS & Android) - free
  • ACS-2048
  • 3D add-ons
  • Touch screen monitor, inc. Barco Commander & Communicator
  • Pedestal
  • CineCare Web
  • Auro 11.1 license**
  • Live 3D***
  • Ghostbusting***
  • ** In testing
  • *** Software roadmap



  • 0.98” DC2K (1.2-1.8) R9855957
  • 0.98” DC2K (1.4-2.05) R9855931
  • 0.98” DC2K (1.6-2.5) R9855932
  • 0.98” DC2K (1.9-3.2) R9855934
  • 0.98” DC2K (2.4-3.9) R9855936
  • 1.2” DC2K (1.25-1.83) R9855969


  • Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP) - Option for Series 2 projectors R9801135

Switchers And Interfaces

  • Alternative content switcher R9861300

Touch Panel

  • Multi-user fingertip control R9855910


  • ASL 4000W XD4000 HP/G R9856372
  • OSRAM 1200W XBO DHP OFR R9855959
  • OSRAM 2000W XBO DHP OFR R9855956
  • OSRAM 3000W XBO DHP OFR R9855938
  • OSRAM 4000W XBO DHP OFR R9855937
  • Philips 1200W XDC-1200B R9801193
  • Philips 2000W XDC-2000B R9801071
  • Philips 3000W XDC-3000B R9801054
  • Philips 4000W XDC-4000B R9856370
  • Ushio 1200W DXL-12BAF R9855961
  • Ushio 2000W DXL-20BAF R9855955
  • Ushio 2000W DXL-20BAF/L R9801067
  • Ushio 2000W DXL-20BAF2 R9855965
  • Ushio 3000W DXL-30BAF R9855940
  • Ushio 3000W DXL-30BAF/L R9855968
  • Ushio 4000W DXL-40BAF R9855939
  • Ushio 4000W DXL-40BAF/L R9855974


  • Toolbox to test input connections, output connections and outgoing voltages R9801025
  • For DP2K C-series and S-series digital cinema projectors R9856601


  • Control software for Barco Alchemy digital cinema projectors using a touch panel controller
  • Service and install tool for Barco’s digital cinema projectors R9806072
  • Projector and screen management system for Barco Alchemy digital cinema projectors