Epson PowerLite W16SK

Passive 3D Projector Kit, 1280x800, 6000 Lum, Incl. (2) W16SK Projectors, Projector Stacking Mount, 1 Pr Passive 3D Glasses & 2 polarizing filters, 2 Year Warranty
Item #0600-6037 Model #V11H494020


Epson PowerLite W16SK

Immerse your students in ultra-bright 3D imagery that takes any subject to a whole new level. The Epson PowerLite W16SK dual projection system adds a bold, new dimension to education, displaying art, science and math lessons in brilliant, vivid detail. This innovative system features two powerful projectors stacked together, for ultra-bright video and images in large classrooms or rooms with ambient light. Use the W16SK to share 2D content in a big, brilliant way. Or, use it with affordable passive 3D glasses (one pair included) for 3D content that will captivate any student. This dual projection system is the perfect way to engage your entire class, at a price that won't break the budget. And, because this system is so bright, there's no need to turn out the lights to view dynamic 3D content. This projector also supports multiple 3D formats2, so no external 3D converter box is necessary. The PowerLite W16SK makes it easy to achieve larger-than-life lessons with captivating 3D capability that redefines the learning environment.

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  • 3x Brighter Colors and reliable performance — 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  • Captivating widescreen 3D content to engage any student — 2D and passive 3D projection, with Full HD technology and native WXGA resolution (16:10 aspect ratio)
  • Affordable 3D projection system — pair with inexpensive passive 3D glasses (one pair included); now you can afford to purchase glasses for your entire class
  • Supports multiple HDMI 3D formats — no external 3D converter box necessary
  • Easy setup — includes dual projector stacking mount kit, 1 pair of passive 3D glasses, and polarizing filters for passive 3D
  • Versatile connectivity for any classroom — HDMI, computer / VGA inputs, monitor output, audio input, audio output, USB and RS-232c
  • Positioning flexibility — ±15 degrees vertical and horizontal keystone image correction
  • Energy-efficient E-TORL lamp — up to 5000-hour lamp life


Epson PowerLite W16SK Warranty:

2-Year Limited; 90 Days Lamp