Epson Interactive Pens and Replacement Pen Tips

Blue and orange pens; hard and soft pen tips
Blue and orange pens; hard and soft pen tips


The two interactive pens (one blue and one orange) can be used simultaneously with many BrightLink and BrightLink Pro series interactive projectors. To use simultaneously, the other pen must be of a different color.

Hard and soft pen tips are also available and can be replaced by the user.

Please check the Compatibility tab to determine if these accessories will work with your projector.


Interactive pen - blue (V12H774010)

Interactive pens:

  • Provide interactive drawing and mouse capabilities
  • Use single AA battery
  • On/off power button with sleep mode to prolong battery life
  • 850 nm IR frequency
Interactive pen - orange (V12H773010) Orange
Hard pen tip (V12H775010)

Pen tips:

User replaceable pen tips for interactive pens (above). Six pen tips included.

Soft pen tips (V12H776010) Soft


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