Barco EN43

Barco/PD EN43 FLD+ Wide Angle High-Resolution Zoom Lens, B-Stock
Item #0601-0797-UB Model #503022401


Working F/# F 2.4-2.7
Motorized Iris F# 2.4-6.5
Throw Ratio DMD chip
  • WQXGA 1.2-1.7:1
  • 1080p /WUXGA 1.12-1 .58 :1
  • SXGA+ 1.2-1.7:1
Image size tolerance +/- 2%
Zoom ratio 1.42
Motorized zoom and focus
Focal length 23.95- 34.02 mm
Focus Range 1.5-15 m
Custom focus range Extended focus range is available, please contact sales for details
Weight 2.84 kg


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