Boxlight Pro80S3

3-DLP 8000L 1280x720 Projector, No Lens
Item #0601-1963 Model #PRO80S3


The Pro80S3 features an ultra-bright 8000 ANSI lumens and a native 720p resolution. It achieves a 5000:1 effective contrast ratio on every frame without the inter-frame artifacts and mechanical aperture changes of competitive home theater products. The Pro80S3 is calibrated for DCI input and is the only projector that supports the future proof DCI digital color standard used in professional theaters. It also incorporates Cinema Color and Cinema Contrast that produce brilliant colors, pleasing flesh tones, and the rich contrast appearance of a professional cinema.

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  • 8000 ANSI lumens
  • 1280x720 (native 720p) resolution with 85% uniformity
  • Color processing for all video standards including: NTSC, PAL, HD, PC/Mac, and Xbox
  • 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • Utilizes 3-Chip 720p DLP technology
  • Offers 7 color and grey scale calibration
  • Includes support for all RGB and gamma video standards to accurately display content from any source
  • DCI cinema color processing
  • Cinema color and contrast
  • Color processing for all video standards
  • Horizontal and vertical power lens shift


Lens G-80 G-100 G-200 G-400 G-500
  Boxlight Boxlight Boxlight Boxlight Boxlight
D:W 1.2 - 1.44:1 1.44 - 1.8:1 1.8 - 2.4:1 2.4 - 3.6:1 3.6 - 5.6:1
f/stop 2.5 2.5 2.3 2.3 2.5



3 years parts and labor / 90 days lamp