Panasonic PT-FW300NTU

LCD Projector (similar to PT-FW430U but with wireless) 1280x800, 3500L, 1.7-2.6:1, DVI, 5K hour lamp, 10K hour air filter, H & V Lens Shift, 3 year warranty
Item #0601-2045 Model #PTFW300NTU


Panasonic PT-FW300NTU

In addition to being bright and easy to use, the PT-F300 Series LCD projectors give you enhanced performance with minimal maintenance over time. Highly reliable optical block and a long operating life are ensured by the use of inorganic materials for the LCD panels and polarizers. The new Auto Cleaning Filter (ACF) extends the filter replacement cycle to over 10,000 hours,*1 and together with the dust-resistant design boost reliability.

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Panasonic PT-FW300NTU Warranty:

3-Year PASS Limited Warranty; 90 Days Lamp