Panasonic PT-VX600U

LCD Projector, 1024x768, 5500 Lumens, Vertical Lens Shift, Geometric Correction, D:W 1.17-1.91:1, 5000 Hr Lamp, 3 year warranty
Item #0601-2981 Model #PTVX600U


Panasonic PT-VX600U

The PT-VZ570 series each offers a blend of high image quality, low Total Cost of Ownership, flexible installation and collaborative functionality.

The projectors offer a maintenance-free operational life of 7,000 hours when set to eco mode, significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for businesses and educational institutions.

All six models allow both portable and ceiling-mounting, while Vertical Lens Shift and Screen Adjustment functionality means easy adjustment of images projected onto flat or curved surfaces, as well as angled projection.

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3-Year Limited Warranty; 90 Days Lamp.