Vivitek DU9000

1-DLP Projector, 1920x1200 WUXGA, 12000 Lumens, H&V Lens Shift, Lens sold separately, Refurbished, 1 Year Warranty
Item #0601-8360-UB Model #DU9000R


The perfect solution for diverse large-venue applications, the Vivitek DU9000 features native WUXGA resolution, HD-SDI and HDBaseT connectivity, DLP®/BrilliantColor™, and dual-lamp technologies. Designed for stacking (up to 24,000L), the DU9000 features centered optics with motorized lens shift, zoom, focus, and lens memory. The Vivitek DU9000 offers four interchangeable bayonet lens options to match up with various installation requirements. Featuring built-in edge blending and warping capabilities, the DU9000 can take you into endless large venue projection possibilities.


  • Native WUXGA resolution to match today’s display requirements
  • Super bright 12,000 ANSI Center Screen Peak Lumens, 10,600 ANSI Lumens ISO 21118 with a crisp 5,000:1 (with DB On). Stacking brightness to 24,000L peak
  • Dual-lamp engine design for redundancy and brightness picture, limits down-time
  • Centered lens design with four (4) interchangeable bayonet lens options
  • Built-in hardware for edge blending and warping functionality (3D supported in blending)
  • Powered zoom, focus and lens shift features for easy adjustment and positioning flexibility
  • Connectivity inputs and outputs including: HDMI v1.4a, Component, RGB-In, 12V Trigger, 3D Sync-Out, 3GHD-SDI-In/Out, RS-232, RJ45/HDBaseT
  • HDBaseT interface with support for distribution of HD video and digital audio content over standard CAT5e/6 LAN cable
  • 3D compatibility with DLP® Link™ and HDMI 1.4 technology support (Bluray, and Broadcast 3D) for dazzling and realistic life-like images
  • 3D sync port for compatibility with IR (R/F Infrared) 3D passive synchronization protocol
  • Motorized lens shift (vertical/horizontal) and power zoom/focus
  • Interchangable Color Enhancement color wheel (not included) is also used for ultimate blending performance
  • Rear cover design for quick and easy lamp replacement


Optional Lenses

Model D98-0810 D98-1215 D98-1518 D88-1824
Std Lens
D98-2440 D98-4070
 P/N 3797805500-SVK 3797859900-SVK 3797805300-SVK 3797805200-SVK 3797805400-SVK 3797858100-SVK
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  Vivitek D98-0810 lens Vivitek D98-1215 lens Vivitek D88-1824 lens Vivitek D98-2440 lens Vivitek D98-4070 lens
0.84 – 1.03:1 1.25 – 1.56:1 1.56  1.86:1 1.85  2.40:1 2.40 – 4.00:1 4.00 – 7.00:1
f/stop 1.85 – 1.95 2.18 – 2.66 2.55 – 2.76 2.17 – 2.46 2.1 – 2.7 2.2 – 2.57


Other Accessories

Ceiling mounts for DU9000 Ceiling mounts
Lamp 3797818200-SVK for DU9000 Replacement lamp 465W (3797818200-SVK)