Vivitek DW6035

1-DLP Projector, WXGA, 6000 Lumen, 5 Year Warranty
Item #0601-8363 Model #DW6035


The Vivitek DW6035 WXGA is designed for demanding large venue installation applications. The DW6035 features dual-lamp technology, as well as seven (7) interchangeable optional lenses (Bayonet style) to meet most all large-venue installations. Interchangeable color wheel (included) for vibrant color and video enhancement. The DW6035 delivers bright, superb digital images with full color saturation intended for high-impact multimedia presentations, with unmatched performance and functionality.


  • 6000 lumens of brightness with a 3000:1 contrast
  • Dual-lamp technology limits down-time of bulbs
  • Native WXGA resolution and displays up to UXGA
  • Interchangeable color wheels for superior color detail or can maximize brightness
  • DLP®/BrilliantColor technologies by Texas Instruments
  • Seven (7) interchangeable optional lenses to accommodate a variety of large-venue installation environments
  • Power Lens shift, Zoom, and Focus
  • RJ45/RS-232c for integration and system administration
  • 12V trigger for simple screen/projector automation


Optional Lenses

Model D88-UST011,2,3 D88-UWZ011 D88-WF185011,3 D88-WZ01

Std Lens

D88-SMLZ01 D88-LOZ101 D88-LOZ201
P/N 3797866500-SVK 3797804200-SVK 3797745100-SVK 3797745200-SVK 3797744200-SVK 3797745000-SVK 3797745400-SVK 3797744900-SVK
Price $5,495.00
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Vivitek D88-UST01B lens Vivitek D88-UWz01 lens Vivitek D88-WF18501 lens Vivitek D88-WZ01 lens Vivitek D88-ST001 lens Vivitek D88-SMLZ01 lens Vivitek D88-LOZ101 lens Vivitek D88-LOZ201 lens
0.40:1 0.78  0.99:1 0.80:1 1.31  1.87:1 1.81  2.38:1 2.33  3.86:1 3.76  5.64:1 5.56  8.67:1
f/stop 2.0 1.96  2.3 1.85 1.85  2.5 1.7  1.9 1.86  2.48 1.85 – 2.41 1.85 – 2.48


Not compatible with D8800, D8900, D8010W.

Lens support required. Bracket provided works with DU6871, DU8090Z, DU8190Z, DU893Z, and DK8500Z

Not compatible with Lens shift. 



5-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor / 3-years Advanced Exchange / 1-year Lamp Warranty