TVOne C3-310-1001

CORIOMatrix Mini 5-Slot Card Frame with 2 DVI-U inputs
Part #: 0602-0304    Mfr #: C33101001

TVOne C3-310-1001



C3-310 CORIOmatrix is a high quality modular video matrix router that utilizes firmware based video routing, switching and signal conversion platform. This is 1 Rack Unit with five modular AV slots that can be populated as inputs or outputs as needed. Two dedicated Universal DVI inputs are standard. 

CORIOmatrix scaled output modules provide Up, Down and Cross conversion between a wide variety of analog and digital video formats. The quantity and type of modules selected determines which formats will be accommodated and the matrix size.

All CORIOmatrix functions can be controlled via RS-232 or IP. A web interface is provided for both video and audio routing and setup of the router and can be used as the main control interface if desired. The built-in command line interface easily permits a wide choice of control options. AMX & Creston modules are also available.