Barco R9860206

ScreenPRO-II Controller with Tally
Part #: 0602-3027    Mfr #: R9860206

Barco R9860206


ScreenPRO-II Controller with tally

ScreenPRO-II Controller allows users to remotely operate up to four ScreenPRO-II, PDS, or ImagePRO switchers.  The controller interfaces with each switcher individually, or as a group.


  • Backup option to removable Media Card
  • Four (4) AUX output control
  • 3.8" LCD Display with eight (8) buttons and two (2) knobs for easy set up
  • External router control via Ethernet or RS-232
  • Control of BlendPRO-II system

This device adds flexibility and greater control to multi-screen and single screen events.

The controller enhances PIP and KEY placement, source switching, and layer control options during a presentation. The ScreenPRO-II Controller includes access to 36 presets, available to the operator at a touch of a button. Preset recalls include items such as sources, layer functions and transition effects simplifying the control of single screen or multi-screen events.

The controller also allows for remote switching of the MatrixPRO routers encasing the total flexibility and capacity of the presentation system. The controller works with up to 16 inputs, any mixture of RGBHV analog signals and SDI/ HDSDI, DVI signals, from both external routers and the built in routers of the ScreenPRO II.

The ScreenPRO II controller is available with a tally and a PS2 Keyboard card. The tally card triggers tally lights on Camera CCU units or other devices. The PS/2 Port allows for a PS/2 keyboard to be connected simplifying setup functions.

Combined with the ScreenPRO-II Processors and a BlendPRO-II, the ScreenPRO-II Controller can manage blended screens up to 4 projectors wide. In addition, the controller can manage four auxillary outputs when used with an external router. If needed, the ScreenPRO-II controller can tie in ImagePRO processors to the AUX outputs so that all signals are scaled to a preset resolution and format.


Video Routing Input capability: Up to 16 input sources
Output destinations: 1-4 ScreenPRO II processors
External router Control: Up to 3 External Routers: 1 Analog, 1 SDI/ HDSDI, 1 DVI
Operator Control Display: 3.8” LCD Touch Screen
Joystick: 3-Axis (X,Y and Z)
T-Bar: Analog T-Bar with smooth movement
Presets: 36 (6 pages of 6 Presets)
Destinations: 8 Total Destinations (4 ScreenPRO II and 4 AUX)
Control/Remote Ethernet: 1 RJ-45 (F) connector, running 10/100 Base-T, half/full duplex w/ auto detect
Ethernet Protocol: ICMP (ping), TCP/Ethernet Protocol CP/IP, Telnet
Serial Control Ports: 2- RS-232 ports, each 9-pin female D connector
Baud rate and Protocol: 115K Baud, 8-bit, 1 stop, no parity selectable
Keyboard Port (Optional): PS/2 Connector
Tally (Optional): DB-25 Male, Dry-Contact Relay Closures: 1 Amp at 30 VDC, .5 Amps at 125 VDC
Backup option: Removable Media Card, Type 1 Compact Flash Compliant
Enclosure Dimensions: 5.95” H X 17.0” W X 10” D (2U high, full rack width) 15.13cm H X 43.2 cm W X 25.4 cm D
Weight: 12 lbs (5.45 kg)
Console Light: XLR type Connector
Environmental Temperature: 0-40° C
Environmental Humidity: 0-95%, non-condensing
Power Type: 100-240 VAC – 50/60 Hz. Auto Selecting 1.0A Max
Remote Programming Serial Control Port: RS-232, 9Pin Female D connector
Baud rate and Protocol: 115kb/sec, 8-bit, 1 stop bit, no parity selectable