Panasonic ET-PFD365

Premium Frame
Item #7612-5100 Model #ETPFD365


The convertible design makes it very easy to remove the upper part of the frame to permit working with ultra short throw lenses. The galvanic insulation from the projector housing to the trussing is built-in. Due to this, there is no need for additional plastic washers to provide insulation. Adjusting the projector orientation in the frame is precisely controlled.

Dimensions [W x H x D] [mm] 650.5 x 353.5 x 683
Weight 29.5 lbs, 13.4 KG
Maximum projector weight 77 lbs, 35 KG
Possible orientation*¹ Landscape‚ Portrait‚ Vertical down
Maximum stacking Ceiling mount: 3 (with TH-SHORT-150-8)‚ Ceiling mount: 1 (with TH-SHORT-60-6)‚ Table mount: 3
Accessories TH-SHORT-60-6‚ TH-SHORT-150-8‚ PF-UNI-PORAD*²‚ SPGL-UNI*²
Pitch -2.7°/+3.3°
Yaw ±3.1°
Roll ±3.1°

*¹ depending on the installation there might be additional accessories necessary
*² depending on installed lens



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