EPV DarkStar Max UST Screens

Tensioned Motorized UST/ALR Screens, LVC, RF, 12V Trigger
Tensioned Motorized UST/ALR Screens, LVC, RF, 12V Trigger


EPV DarkStar Max UST Screens

Tensioned Motorized UST/ALR Screens, LVC, RF, 12V Trigger

EPV® Screens DarkStar® UST material is a retro-reflective Ceiling/Ambient Light Rejecting (CLR®/ALR) material that is specially made for UST (ultra-short throw) projectors. The material is now available in EPV’s reliable Power Max electric "roll-up" design.  The screen is tab-tensioned to achieve the needed flatness to accommodate ultra-short throw projectors.

The DarkStar® UST comprises a multi-layered design using angular serriform micro structures with diffusion stratum to create a bright, clear and artifact-free image. Its characteristics divert projected light from UST projectors into the viewer's line of sight while the glare of other off-axis light sources is filtered out. An additional black substratum allows the material to enhance color contrast while producing deeper black levels. The DarkStar® Max UST includes a full IR and RF remote control package that features a detachable keypad switch and a wireless 12-volt projector trigger.


Available sizes (16:9 aspect ratio)

Size (Diagonal) Price


Screen Material:

  • DarkStar® UST Ceiling/Ambient Light Rejecting (CLR®/ALR) ultra-short throw front projection material
  • Absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting
  • Multi-layer optical structure filters our ambient light
  • Wide diffusion uniformity allows viewers to enjoy a clear and bright picture from any angle
  • Black backing on material for sharper picture and clarity
  • Black substratum improves contrast while maintaining a neutral color balance

Control System:

  • Internal Radio Frequency and Infrared receivers with IR/RF remotes
  • Infrared IR "eye" extension sensor and a 5-12 volt trigger to synchronize screen operation with the projector’s power cycle
  • Detachable 3-way wall switch keypad, IR "eye" sensor, and RJ45 wired projector trigger
  • Wireless 5-12 volt projector trigger thru RF remote

Design and Installation:

  • Durable black casing with mounting hardware included for wall, ceiling, or suspended installation
  • Floating mount brackets slide horizontally allowing an easy alignment for a flush wall/ceiling installation on wood studs
  • Project from a short distance without shadowing the picture
  • Tab-tension design helps maintain a flat ripple-free projection surface
  • Black masking borders absorb projector overshoot while enhancing perceived image contrast
  • Ships fully assembled with standard 3-prong power connection ready to Plug & Play

Quality and Reliability:

  • Tubular motor allows swift operation with a superior weight tolerance and operational lifespan
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Lifetime tech support by EPV Screens professional service team through email, web chat, or toll-free phone call