EPV Prime Vision ISF eFinity Screens

Edge-free fixed-frame ChromaWhite screens, tensioned, up to 130" wide
Edge-free fixed-frame ChromaWhite screens, tensioned, up to 130" wide


EPV Prime Vision ISF eFinity

Edge-Free Fixed-Frame ChromaWhite Screens

The EPV® Prime Vision ISF eFinity has a clean, elegant design that nicely complements any interior decor. It features an internal framework with wraparound material, better known as an EDGE FREE® design, so called because of the absence of an external framework or "edge", as seen in traditional designs.

The eFinity's EDGE FREE® configuration also maximizes the viewing area in a smaller footprint, without compromising the screen's structural integrity. It includes a micro-thin 5.1 mm black aluminum bezel trim to further enhance the frame appearance and absorb projector overshoot. A LED backlighting kit with infrared remote control is also included for mood lighting.

These fixed-frame screens provide reference quality images using EPV®’s ChromaWhite front projection material. The ChromaWhite material has a 1.25 Gain reflectivity level and a very wide viewing angle with full lambertian diffusion. This ISF Certified projection surface provides top-tier performance in producing accurate color rendition that exceeds the highest requirements of color purists as well as the industry's leading integrators. 

The EPV Prime Vision IST eFinity screens are the ultimate reference projection screens and are designed specifically for environments with controlled lighting, such as dedicated home theater rooms.


Available sizes (16:9 aspect ratio)

Size (Diagonal) Price


Screen Material

  • Gain: 1.25
  • View Angle: 180° (90° ±LR)
  • Reference standard flexible front projection material
  • Wide Viewing angle uniformly reflects a bright image across entire surface for superior off-axis viewing
  • Delivers precise color fidelity for the most demanding reference quality applications
  • Black-backing eliminates light penetration
  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready
  • Certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF)

Design and Installation

  • Internal framework with wraparound tensioned projection material
  • Aluminum lightweight split-frame design
  • Sliding wall mount brackets to precisely center the installation
  • Micro-thin 5.1 mm aluminum black bezel
  • LED edge backlighting kit included with Infrared (IR) remote for improved visual appearance