Barco PGWU-62L

1-DLP R9005942 Projector, Laser Light Source, WUXGA, 6000 Lumens, 360 degree orientation, Lens sold separately, 3 year warranty
Item #0600-4080 Model #R9005942


Producing a noise level of just 35dB, the Barco laser phosphor projectors are the quietest laser phosphor projectors currently available. Designed for fixed installation, the compact and lightweight PGWU-62L projector features WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200). Its laser phosphor light source offers long lifetime, low maintenance (no lamps, no filters) and great color performance.

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What you'll love about the PGWU-62L

  • Quietest laser phosphor projector on the market*
  • Long lifetime of 20,000 hours
  • Low total cost of ownership thanks to laser light source
  • Compact, lightweight and stylish design that seamlessly blends in 
  • Flexible installation thanks to 360° rotation and portrait mode
  • High-quality images with an unmatched level of detail and contrast
  • Button-free and cable-free for simple operation and less clutter
  • Available in black and white
  • Reliable DLP technology for true ease of mind
  • Flexible color management thanks to preset image modes 
  • Intuitive control menu with the most common features at your fingertips
  • User-friendly remote control that features just one button


Lens R9801840
G Series Lens
G Series Lens
G Series Lens
G Series Lens
G Series Lens
  Barco Barco Barco Barco   Barco
D:W 0.75 - 0.95:1 0.95 - 1.22:1 1.22 - 1.53:1  1.52 - 2.92:1 2.90 - 5.50:1 
f/stop 2.30 - 2.53 2.30 - 2.57 2.0 - 2.32  2.30 - 3.39  2.30 - 2.57



Limited 3 years parts and labor.