Barco R9832778

G Series Long Zoom Lens, WUXGA D:W 2.90-5.50:1
Item #0601-1359 Model #R9832778


G series R9832778

Ultra-Long Zoom Lens

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Throw Ratio (D:W)
WUXGA: 2.905.50:1
WXGA:   3.045.78:1
XGA:      3.01–5.70:1
Zoom Motorized
Focus Motorized
Aperture (f/stop) 2.302.57
Focal length 42.6080.90 mm
Weight TBD
Dimensions (WxHxD)   TBD


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0.36:1 0.370.40:1 0.650.75:1 0.750.95:1 0.951.22:1 1.221.53:1 1.522.92:1 2.905.50:1
0.38:1 0.68–0.79:1 0.791.00:1 1.00–1.28:1 1.28–1.61:1 1.603.07:1 3.045.78:1
0.38:1 0.68–0.78:1 0.780.99:1 0.99–1.26:1 1.27–1.59:1 1.583.00:1 3.01–5.70:1
f/stop 2.4 TBD 2.0–2.1 2.32.53 2.30–2.57 2.02.3 2.30–3.39 2.30–2.57 

* R9801785 is discontinued.


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