Panasonic PT-RW620LWU

1-DLP Laser Projector, 1280x800 WXGA, 6000 Lumens, H&V Shift, 360 Degree, No Lens, White, 3 Year Warranty
Item #0600-7079 Model #PTRW620LWU


Panasonic PT-RW620LWU

Engineered for Elite Marathon Performance in Permanent or Temporary Installations

Panasonic’s PT-RZ970 Series projectors, including the Panasonic PT-RW620LWU, are designed to excel in diverse environments such as museums, theaters, control rooms, and during exhibition/rental and staging events. These projectors, powered by the acclaimed SOLID SHINE Laser drive and the latest 1-Chip DLP technology, surpass expectations by offering low-maintenance stability and vibrant color performance, maintained for longer than competitors' products over years of dependable 24/7 operation.

Harnessing Full-Spectrum Color with Up to 10,400 Center Lumens Brightness

These projectors leverage next-generation DLP™ technology for high-resolution detail. With dual laser modules outputting up to 10,400 center lumens of brightness, and the innovative Quartet Color Harmonizer that minimizes energy loss, paired with a robust heat-resistant phosphor wheel, the Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser system guarantees captivating images with consistent reliability.

Superior White Balance and Color Reproduction

Superior white balance and color reproduction are hallmarks of the PT-RW620LWU. The Quartet Color Harmonizer wheel mechanism captures a wider color spectrum than comparable projectors, enabling realistic reproduction of white on screen. Unlike some conventional projectors that struggle with accurate white balance, resulting in images with a greenish tint, Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser projectors ensure precise color rendition.

SOLID SHINE Laser Maintains Picture Quality for Longer

With the long-lasting durability of its dual solid-state laser modules, the Panasonic PT-RW620LWU eliminates the need for lamp replacements, ensuring that image color and brightness decline very gradually in a consistent, linear way. This not only reduces maintenance hassles but also keeps out-of-the-box picture quality intact for longer periods.

The Panasonic PT-RW620LWU stands as an exemplary model of a 6000-lumen 1-DLP laser projector with WXGA resolution. Its reliability, superior color performance, and low maintenance design make it a top-choice for professionals seeking quality and endurance in their visual presentations.

Note: Lens not included.


Flexibility and Lasting Brilliance for Versatile Application

  • Easily handled 1-chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE laser projector serves 6,200 lumens (center)
  • Delivers 20,000 hours of continuous maintenance-free operation
  • Multi-unit projection capability with contrast sync and shutter sync functions
  • WXGA (1280x800) resolution
  • Lens not included; choose from 6 optional lenses


Optional Lenses

Model: ET-DLE020 ET-DLE035
ET-DLE060 ET-DLE055 ET-DLE085 

Std Lens

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  ET-DLE020 ET-DLE035 lens ET-DLE060 lens ET-DLE055 lens ET-DLE085 lens  ET-DLE105 lens ET-DLE150 lens ET-DLE170 lens ET-DLE250 lens ET-DLE350 lens ET-DLE450 lens
D:W WXGA 0.29–0.31:1 0.39:1  0.62–0.82:1  0.81:1 0.81–1.01:1 1.01–1.36:1 1.34–1.95:1  1.762.48:1 2.34–3.73:1 3.69–5.61:1  5.52–8.83:1
F/stop: 2.0 2.0 1.85–2.34 1.75 1.85–2.20 1.85–2.35 1.84–2.44 1.65–1.87 1.83–2.27 1.82–2.24 1.83–2.35


1ET-DLE030 is discontinued. Compatible with 1-Chip DLP projectors up to 10,000 lumens.

2ET-DLE080 is discontinued. Compatible with 1-Chip DLP projectors up to 8,500 lumens.


Model Z-DLE055C Z-DLE066A
Price $999.00
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Z-DLE055C lens Z-DLE066A lens
0.43:1 0.77–0.80:1
F/stop 2.6 2.2



3-year parts & labor warranty; 10,000 hours on illumination parts