Panasonic ET-DLE035

Ultra Short Throw Lens
Item #0601-2263 Model #ETDLE035


ET-DLE035 Ultra short throw lens

The Lens with the World’s Shortest Throw for 1-Chip DLP™ Projectors

Panasonic's ET-DLE035 ultra-short-throw lens enables large-screen projection from a short distance. By mounting the ET-DLE035 lens onto a compatible Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ projector, you can shorten the projection distance by approximately 60 % compared with the ET-DLE085 and ET-DLE080 short-throw lenses.

This huge saving in space lets you project images in spots where you previously could not, such as places where the ceiling is too high, or where there is not enough front or rear space for projecting. This greatly expand applications for digital signage in show windows, stores, train stations, and other locations.

The Ultra-Short-Throw Lens Solves “Space” Issues and Adds High Brightness

small space high brightness feature of ET-DLE035


The ET-DLE035 ultra-short-throw lens makes it possible to install projectors in spaces that were never before possible. Thus applications greatly expand for digital signage in show windows, stores, train stations, and other locations.

Digital Signage for Retail Store Display

Large images can be projected onto a screen at the back of a shallow show window without blocking the view of the products on display.

ET-DLE035 Application


Digital Signage for Train Stations

Projection onto a large screen becomes possible even in places where there wasn't previously enough space for front projection.

ET-DLE035 Application


Digital Signage (Portrait Rear Projection)

Dead space, such as pillars, can be used to save space compared to conventional installations.

ET-DLE035 Application



Large-screen projection becomes possible in places where the ceiling was previously too high, or the stage was too shallow.

ET-DLE035 Application

* Possible only with models equipped with the Edge Blending function.



Advanced image content can also be displayed in facilities where there previously wasn't enough space to install a projector, greatly increasing the power of the attraction.

Also, combined with projection from under the floor onto the floor surface, or projection onto the ceiling virtually wraps visitors in the image.

ET-DLE035 Application


NOTE: Due to lens characteristics, some screen types may be subject to focusing problems or strong hot spots where large differences in brightness occur between the hot spots and surrounding areas. If this should occur, please ask a qualified technician or your dealer for solutions.


Aperture (f-stop) 2.0
Focal Distance (f) 5.3 mm
Throw Ratio (D:W) WUXGA 0.380:1  (0.67" DLP; 16:10)
WXGA   0.399:1  (0.65" DLP; 16:10)
XGA      0.394:1  (0.7" DLP; 4:3)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 132 x 102 x 311 mm (5-3/16˝ x 4-1/32˝ x 12-1/4˝)
Weight Approx. 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)

Same Series Lenses

Model: ET-DLE020 ET-DLE035
ET-DLE060 ET-DLE055 ET-DLE085 

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D:W WUXGA 0.28–0.30:1 0.38:1 0.60–0.80:1 0.79:1 0.78–0.98:1 0.98–1.32:1 1.30–1.89:1 1.71–2.41:1 2.27–3.62:1 3.58–5.45:1  5.36–8.58:1 
D:W WXGA 0.29–0.31:1 0.39:1  0.62–0.82:1  0.81:1 0.81–1.01:1 1.01–1.36:1 1.34–1.95:1  1.762.48:1 2.34–3.73:1 3.69–5.61:1  5.52–8.83:1
D:W XGA 0.28–0.30:1 0.38:1  0.61–0.81:1 0.79:1 0.79–0.99:1 0.99–1.34:1 1.32–1.91:1 1.732.44:1 2.30–3.66:1 3.62–5.51:1 5.42–8.68:1
F/stop: 2.0 2.0 1.85–2.34 1.75 1.85–2.20 1.85–2.35 1.84–2.44 1.65–1.87 1.83–2.27 1.82–2.24 1.83–2.35


1ET-DLE030 is discontinued. Compatible with 1-Chip DLP projectors up to 10,000 lumens.

2ET-DLE080 is discontinued. Compatible with 1-Chip DLP projectors up to 8,500 lumens.


Model Z-DLE055C Z-DLE066A
Price $999.00
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Z-DLE055C lens Z-DLE066A lens
0.42:1 0.75–0.78:1
0.43:1 0.77–0.80:1
0.42:1 0.76–0.79:1
F/stop 2.6 2.2



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