Barco R9862001

TLD+ Lens, Ultra-Short, 90 Degree, 0.68-0.87:1 WUXGA, 0.73-0.94 WQ/4KUHD
Part #: 0601-1341    Mfr #: R9862001

Barco R9862001


Barco TLD+ Ultra-Short 90-Degree Zoom Lens


This lens is designed for ultra short throw video performance.

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Throw Ratio WUXGA: 0.68–0.87:1
WQXGA: 0.73–0.94:1
4K-UHD: 0.73–0.94:1
F/stop (aperture) TBD
Lens Shift ±150% (depending on projector type)


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