Sony VPLL-Z4019

Zoom Lens
Item #0601-1586 Model #VPLLZ4019


Sony VPLL-Z4019

Standard-Focus Zoom Lens

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Throw Ratio
XGA Models, D:W = 2.67:1 to 3.42:1
WUXGA Models, D:W = 2.62:1 to 3.36:1
Zoom Powered
Focus Powered
Lens Shift
XGA Models, Vertical ±96%, Horizontal ±64%
WUXGA Models, Vertical ±113%, Horizontal ±63%
Aperture (f-stop) 1.70-2.10
Weight 6 lbs (3.06 KG)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 148 x 133 x 212 mm


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VPLL-Z4107 Sony VPLL-4008 lens VPLL-Z4111 VPLL-Z4015 lens Sony VPLL-Z4019 lens Sony VPLL-Z4025 lens Sony VPLL-Z4045
D:W 0.750.94:1 1.00:1 1.30–1.96:1 1.85–2.44:1 2.41–3.07:1 3.02–5.58:1 5.56–7.5:1
F-Stop 1.8–2.0 2.00 1.75–2.34 2.202.60 1.70–2.10 2.20–3.10 2.20–3.60



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