Sony VPL-FX500L

LCD Projector, 7000L, XGA, No Lens
Item #0601-1605 Model #VPLFX500L


The VPL-FX500L features native XGA resolution, high brightness at 7000 lumens color light output, a centered lens, and the widest lens shift in its class. A twin-lamp system ensures worry free, economical operation. Compatibility with current interchangeable lenses enables a wide range of options – from long distance projection in large auditoriums to short distance rear projection applications. ECO-friendly longer lamp life means less energy consumption, less cost and less time up on a ladder making replacements. The VPL-FX500L is suitable for installations supporting large-screen applications such as university lecture halls and corporate auditoriums.

  • 7000 Lumen Projector
  • 2500:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Network Capability
  • Native XGA Resolution: RGB: 1024x768 pixels Video: 750 TV lines
  • 3D Gamma Correction
  • Wide Variety of Optional Lenses
  • Twin Lamp System
  • Installation Flexibility
  • Very large horizontal and vertical lens shift range
  • Long Lamp Life
  • Designed to blend in visually
  • Direct Power ON
  • Replace lamp & filter at the same time
  • Closed Captioning
  • Eco Mode for savings on energy

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Wide Variety of Lenses The VPL-FX500L ships without a lens, and offers backwards compatibility with a wide variety of existing Sony lenses – allowing easy replacement to existing projectors.
Twin Lamp System For worry-free operation, a second lamp is built-in to provide automatic back-up should the primary lamp fail. Since the two lamps are alternately used, the total expected lamp life can total up to approximately 8000 hours.
Superior Image Quality The VPL-FX500L offers an outstanding Color Light Output of 7000 Lm and a high contrast ratio at 2500:1. 12bit 3D Digital Gamma Correction reproduces gradation in greater detail. Film Mode technology generates high quality images through the Interlace to Progressive conversion processor. Signals of film-originated sources converted through 2-3 and 2-2 pull down process are detected, resulting in extremely accurate image reproduction.
Maintenance made EASY When it’s time to replace the lamp, a message will appear onscreen. Lamp replacement and filter cleaning can be performed quickly, easily and at the same time, without uninstalling the projector, since both are accessible from the side. And Sony’s dust protection system makes for an advanced long filter cleaning cycle, which means less frequent filter changes.
Economical Benefits Replace lamps less frequently with a long lamp life of 6000/8000H! Sony’s optical engine, BrightEra with Longer Lasting Optics provides improved optical efficiency: more light is projected onto the screen at less lamp power, requiring smaller lamps – smaller lamps are less expensive, use less electricity and produce less heat.
Eco-Friendly Features Save energy costs! With the push of the “Eco Mode” button on projector or Remote Commander, Lamp mode saves the consumption of lamp wattage; Power Saving mode kicks in if there is no operation for 10 minutes without any signal input; Standby mode can reduce power consumption in standby.
"Seamless" Design Outfitted with a white and flat cabinet and a connector panel located on the lower face front – hiding the connectors and cables – the VPL-FX500L gives audiences the impression that the projector is blended into the ceiling when mounted. Fan noise is moderate.
Other Convenience Factors Closed captioning; digital zoom; picture muting; network control and monitoring.


Model VPLL-4008  VPLL-Z4007  VPLL-Z4011 VPLL-ZM42  VPLL-Z4015  VPLL-Z4019  VPLL-Z4025  VPLL-Z4045
   VPLL-4008 VPLL-Z4007  VPLL-Z4011 VPLL-ZM42 VPLL-Z4015 VPLL-Z4019 VPLL-Z4025 VPLL-Z4045
D:W  1.10:1 0.69:1 - 0.81:1 1.40:1 - 2.10:1 1.87:1 - 2.30:1 2.06:1 - 2.72:1 2.67:1 - 3.42:1  3.36:1 - 6.23:1  6.19:1 - 10.72:1










Other Accessories



HDBaseT Interface Adaptor



3G-SDI Input Adaptor


Factory 5 Year or 12,000 Hours, whichever comes first.