Panasonic PT-RZ670LWU

Laser 1-DLP Projector, 1920x1200, 6500 Lumens, 24/7, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, edge blending, 360 degree orientation, H&V Lens Shift, White case, No Lens, 3 year warranty
Item #0601-2653 Model #PTRZ670LWU


The PT-RZ670/RW630 peak-performing 1-chip DLP™ projectors were developed with the goal of achieving the highest possible image level as flagship models. Joining the ranks of Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE projectors, The PT-RZ670 Series offers the world’s first*1 6,500*2 lm of brightness in a laser light source 1-chip DLPTM projector. Panasonic’s original “Quartet Color Harmonizer” reproduces optimally ef cient colors and images that approach those of high-end agship models. Plus, the unprecedented reliability of the solid-state light source maintains image quality for 20,000 hours*3 or more. Installation exibility has also entered a new dimension with the PT-RZ670 Series. In addition, starting with the professional features in our agship models for large-venue applications, a host of functions re ect the technology and know-how that Pana- sonic has accumulated over more than 30 years of projec- tor development. The PT-RZ670 Series is setting new 21st century standards for reliable, high-quality projectors that easily meet the demands of critical professionals.


Optional Lenses

Model ET-DLE020 ET-DLE035
ET-DLE060 ET-DLE055 ET-DLE085 

Std Lens

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  ET-DLE020 ET-DLE035 lens ET-DLE060 lens ET-DLE055 lens ET-DLE085 lens  ET-DLE105 lens ET-DLE150 lens ET-DLE170 lens ET-DLE250 lens ET-DLE350 lens ET-DLE450 lens
D:W WUXGA 0.28–0.30:1 0.38:1 0.60–0.80:1 0.79:1 0.78–0.98:1 0.98–1.32:1 1.30–1.89:1 1.71–2.41:1 2.27–3.62:1 3.58–5.45:1  5.36–8.58:1 
F/stop 2.0 2.0 1.85–2.34 1.75 1.85–2.20 1.85–2.35 1.84–2.44 1.65–1.87 1.83–2.27 1.82–2.24 1.83–2.35


1ET-DLE030 is discontinued. Compatible with 1-Chip DLP projectors up to 10,000 lumens.

2ET-DLE080 is discontinued. Compatible with 1-Chip DLP projectors up to 8,500 lumens.


Model Z-DLE055C Z-DLE066A
Price $999.00
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Z-DLE055C lens Z-DLE066A lens
0.42:1 0.75–0.78:1
F/stop 2.6 2.2



3 Years Parts & Labor; 10,000 Hours on Illumination Parts