LCD Projector, XGA, 5000 Lumen, Long-Life Air Filter, Spare lamp with automatic changeover, No Lens, 3-year warranty
Item #0601-5661 Model #PLCXTC50AL


The Industry’s First Auto Lamp Selection System
Incorporates industry’s first lamp selection system. Lamp selection system makes approximately 6,000 hours of projection possible, or twice as long as conventional one-lamp model
s. System automatically selects one of the two lamps to project from, and switches based on user preference or on
preprogrammed settings. Alternating Mode’ allows a rotating pattern alternating the two lamps’ use time. Relay Mode’ uses one lamp to recommended lamp replacement time, then switches lamps. Eliminates need to stock up spare lamps far in advance, good for budget limitations. If the first lamp is fully used, the next is already loaded, allowing seamless presentations 
Auto Lamp Selection System for 24/7 Continuous Operation
"The PJ Net Organizer manages the Lamp Switch System for 24/7 continuous operation. The PJ Net functions as a timer rotating between lamps as you specify. Once you’ve set the timer the PJ Net will automatically rotate the lamps daily or hourly providing 24/7 continuous operation.  This optional function is useful for 24/7 continuous operation of signage, advertisements and information boards."
Easy Maintenance -Active Maintenance Filter 
Well-known AMF system included in the model. AMF detects air blocks or clogs, then scrolls the filter reel to the next clean filter. Ten (10) filters included in every cartridge, dramatically lowering maintenance.
One way control Mechanism
Intake and exhaust port has been eliminated from various place on the projector ( such as the bottom surface) and concentrated into one intake and one exhaust, to solve dust – related problems ( and improve cooling performance
Lens shifting and keystone correction permit advanced installation versatility
Vertical/Horizontal Lens Shifting (max. +50% vertically and ±15%  horizontally). Vertical/Horizontal Keystone Correction (±40 degrees vertically and ±20 degrees horizontally)Keystone correction for vertical and horizontal
lines means projector can be installed at an angle in relation to the screen. Projector can be installed at any 360-degree angle, while still being able to function properly




















1.2 - 1.6:1

1.62 - 2.21:1

2.1 - 3.4:1

3.4 - 5.4:1



2.3 - 2.6

1.7 - 2.1

2.0 - 2.6

2.1 - 2.5