Sanyo PLC-XC50A

LCD Projector, XGA, 2600 Lumens
Item #0601-5680 Model #PLCXC50A


Sanyo PLC-XC50A

XGA Ultraportable Multimedia Projector

This lamp-based conference room projector is capable of displaying 2,600 Lumens at its brightest setting with a native resolution of 1024x768. The internal 3LCD technology is an innovative 3-chip design that sets itself apart by delivering vibrant, true-to-life images with better color brightness and a wider color gamut.


  • Portable, with true XGA design: small footprint projector weighs only 8.82 pounds, but is bright enough (2600 ANSI lumens) for contractor installation. 
  • 7-watt speaker, perfect for educational use: speaker is loud enough for an average classroom or business meeting room. This eliminates the need for a separate external speaker. To aid the 7-watt speaker, closed captioning (NTSC) provides the audio portion of a television signal as printed words on the projected screen.
  • Active Maintenance Filter system (AMF): this filter system eliminates the necessity to manually change the filter. It automatically senses when the airflow is obstructed by dust and advances the cartridge to a new filter. Built-in lens cover and a new projector design prevent excess dust from entering.
  • Black Board / Color Board mode: the projector is compatible with four colored (red, blue, green, and yellow) projection surfaces via 'Color Board Mode'.
  • Easy-to-replace lamp: lamp replacement is from the top of the cabinet, through an easy access panel, letting you change the lamp even while the projector is installed on the ceiling, with one-touch cartridge and side-loading access.
  • Security bar built-in for higher security: allows 0.4-inch thick security cables, making the PLC-XC50A not only more portable, but also more secure. This protects the media/AV facilities’ investment. Only the administrator is allowed to operate on-board buttons and logo-control settings. An onboard pin number reader to lock the projector is used when the projector is not in use, allowing the unit to be left in one place, such as in a classroom, with peace of mind.
  • Closed Caption compatible