Barco FSN-150

Compact Controller, B-Stock
Part #: 0602-3004-UB    Mfr #: R9004623

Barco FSN-150



Barco's FSN-150 is a smart, compact controller that allows you to engineer the visualization of your event the way you want to. It offers numerous custom controls, mappable buttons and quick preset effect activation, including cuts, wipes, transitions, DVE moves, downstream keys and many types of effects you can create yourself.

Barco's FSN-150 also includes mini LCD displays are perfectly readable even in daylight settings, and give you the right information on sources and programmed custom effects.

To make sure your show with the FSN-150 controller will not be a one-shot effort, it allows you to store complete or partial switcher setups in over 1,000 memory registers. With just a press of the button, you'll be ready to go for an encore in no time.


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