EPV DarkStar Max UST-FR Screens

Floor Rising CLRŽ/ALR UST Tab-Tensioned Motorized Screens
Floor Rising CLRŽ/ALR UST Tab-Tensioned Motorized Screens
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EPV DarkStar Max UST-FR Screens

Floor Rising CLR®/ALR UST Tab-Tensioned Motorized Screens

The DarkStar® Max UST-FR Series is a non-invasive motorized free-standing electric projection screen that features an Ambient Light Rejecting (CLR®/ALR) Ultra-short throw Projection material. The design features motorized "scissor-backed" cross risers that raise and lower the material.

Matte white screen materials don't work well with the lights on and that limits them to dark room presentations. The DarkStar® UST material mitigates the washout effects of ambient light while boosting color saturation, contrast and black/white dynamic range. To minimize the projection footprint, the material is specially formatted tab-tension reinforced to work specifically with UST (ultra-short throw) projectors.

“Elite helped pioneer rollable, lenticular materials for motorized UST screens, and the new DarkStar Max UST-FR is a potential game changer for the emerging laser TV projector category,” said Rob Sabin, ProjectorCentral editor-in-chief. “Integrators can place the screen housing directly on a low-boy credenza and, critically, also now have the option to drop it into cabinetry that can hide the screen, projector and even audio components completely out of sight until needed.”


Available sizes (16:9 aspect ratio)

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Screen Material:

  • DarkStar® UST Ceiling/Ambient Light Rejecting (CLR®/ALR) ultra-short throw front projection material
  • Absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting
  • Multi-layer optical structure filters out ambient light for superior image brightness and performance
  • Wide diffusion uniformity allows viewers to enjoy a clear and bright picture from any angle
  • Black backing on material for sharper picture and clarity
  • Black substratum improves contrast while maintaining a neutral color balance

Design and Control System:

  • Internal Radio Frequency and Infrared receivers with IR/RF remotes
  • Infrared IR "eye" extension sensor and a 5-12 volt trigger to synchronize screen operation with the projector’s power cycle
  • Detachable 3-way wall switch keypad, IR "eye" sensor, and RJ45 wired projector trigger
  • Wireless 5-12 volt projector trigger thru RF remote

Design and Installation:

  • Rises and lowers using "scissor-backed" cross spring risers
  • UST format prevents foot traffic from passing between the projector and screen
  • Project from a short distance without shadowing the picture
  • Tab-tension design helps maintain a flat ripple-free projection surface
  • Black masking borders absorb projector overshoot while enhancing perceived image contrast
  • Ships fully assembled with standard 3-prong power connection ready to Plug & Play
  • Built-in Infrared and Radio Frequency (IR/RF) receivers
  • Includes USB rechargeable IR and RF remotes
  • Safety feature: Infrared anti-pinch feature automatically stops screen from retracting into housing

Quality and Reliability:

  • Tubular motor allows swift operation with a superior weight tolerance and operational lifespan
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Lifetime tech support by EPV Screens professional service team through email, web chat, or toll-free phone call