Barco EN57

R9082220 Ultra Short Throw Lens, 0.28:1, B-Stock
Part #: 0601-0809-UB    Mfr #: R9801316

Barco EN57



Barco EN57

Ultra short throw projection lens (B-Stock)

The Barco EN57 ultra short throw projector lens takes high-quality, large-screen imaging to the next level. This low-distortion, all-glass lens offers high-quality large-screen projection from a revolutionary short distance. 

Offering the world’s shortest throw ratio (0.28:1), you can create a much larger image or a more compact installation. This lens allows you to increase your image size by 263% or shorten your projection distance by 62%! 

Allowing you to project on surfaces you thought were impossible, this lens greatly increases installation flexibility. Video walls, digital signage, museums, caves and other installations where people are closely positioned to the projected image will all highly benefit from this groundbreaking lens.

(Article number: R9082220)


Working F/# F2.5
Zoom ratio No zoom
Focus Range 0.45 – 1.05 m ( 17.7" to 41.3")
Custom focus range Extended focus range is available, please contact sales for details
Throw Ratio DMD chip:
  1080/WUXGA         0.28:1
  WQXGA/Panorama  0.30:1
Image size tolerance  ±5%

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  Barco EN57/EN59 lens Barco EN53 lens Barco EN52 lens Barco EN55 lens Barco EN56 lens Barco EN51 lens Barco EN54 lens
0.28:1 0.74:1 0.92:1 0.80  1.08:1 1.06 – 1.62:1 1.60 – 2.21:1 2.5 – 3.9:1
0.30:1 0.79:1 0.99:1 0.86  1.16:1 1.14 – 1.74:1 1.71 – 2.37:1 2.67 – 4.16:1
f/stop 2.5 2.6 2.6 2.5 – 2.72 2.5 – 2.72 2.6  3.09 2.6 – 4.18
Notes EN59 replaces EN57



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