Panasonic ET-C1U100

UST Zoom Lens, 0.308-0.330:1
Item #0601-2743 Model #ETC1U100


Panasonic ET-C1U100

Ultra Short Throw Zoom Lens

This lens improves native contrast performance and expands the range of powered lens-shift adjustment over previous lenses. It features Lens Memory and Auto Lens Identification functions, and now offers powered periphery focus adjustment operable via remote control or the Smart Projector Control app.

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F value 2.13
Focal distance (f)

5.4  5.8 mm (14/64  15/64 in)

Throw ratio 0.308  0.330:1 (16:10 aspect ratio)
0.308  0.331:1 (16:9 aspect ratio)
0.371  0.398:1 (4:3 aspect ratio)
Dimensions Width:  5 4/32 in (130 mm)
Height: 5 15/32 in (139 mm)
Depth 18 25/32 in (477 mm)
Weight 10.36 lb (4.7 kg)

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ET-C1U100 lens ET-C1W300 lens ET-C1W400 lens ET-C1W500 lens ET-C1S600 lens ET-C1T700 lens
D:W (16:10)
0.3080.330:1 0.5500.690:1 0.680–0.950:1 0.940–1.39:1 1.36–2.10:1 2.07–3.38:1
f/stop 2.13 1.942.28 1.942.39 1.842.34 1.842.31 1.942.38

1 Estimated release: CY2023 Q4
2 Estimated release: CY2023 Q3



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