Panasonic PT-MW530U

LCD Laser Phosphor Projector, 1280x800 WXGA, 5500 Lumens, H&V Lens Shift, Std Lens, 3 year warranty
Item #0600-7096 Model #PTMW530U


Panasonic PT-MW530U

Blending 3LCD imaging technology with SOLID SHINE Laser, Panasonic presents the PT-MZ670 Series, taking versatility and value in projection to new heights. Among this series, the Panasonic PT-MW530U stands out, offering an optimal mix of features to cater to a wide array of applications. This laser LCD projector is specifically designed to deliver crisp, punchy picture quality that captures and holds the audience's attention, whether in educational settings or business presentations.

With a brightness of 5,500 lumens, the PT-MW530U ensures that images remain vivid and vibrant even in well-lit rooms, making it perfect for any time of day. The WXGA resolution enhances clarity, providing detailed and sharp imagery that aids in delivering compelling presentations or lectures.

One of the standout features of this 3LCD laser projector is its set-and-forget low-maintenance design, which significantly reduces upkeep costs. In addition, students and participants enjoy presentations undisturbed by projector noise, thanks to the PT-MW530U's quiet operation.

Whether for presenting detailed reports, teaching complex concepts, or engaging audiences with visual storytelling, the Panasonic PT-MW530U promises quality, reliability, and ease of use, making every presentation an opportunity to impress and inform without compromise.


Optional Lenses

Model ET-ELW21

Std Lens

Price $1,549.00
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  etelw21 etelw22  etelw20 Standard Lens Panasonic ET-ELT22 lens Panasonic ET-ELT23 lens


0.774:1  0.789 – 0.987:1 1.23  1.68:1 1.63  2.79:1 2.76  4.54:1 4.49  7.21:1
f/stop  2.0 2.0  2.4  1.8  2.3 1.7  2.3 1.8  2.3 1.8  2.3 

T20: ≤6500 Lumens

T21: ≤6500 Lumens


Other Accessories

Ceiling mounts Ceiling mounts
ET-RFM100 Replacement Filter Replacement air filter (ET-RFM100) $145.00
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ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box Digital interface box (ET-YFB100G)
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ET-UW100 WIreless module USB Wireless transmitter (ET-UW100) $100.00
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Wireless Module Unit

Wireless module unit (ET-WM300U) $109.00
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3 Years Parts & Labor; 10,000 Hours on Illumination Parts